Double-Take by Vision Solutions :
Vision Solutions is the premiere provider of cloud replication and recovery, high availability and disaster recovery, migration and cross-platform data sharing solutions for Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, IBM® i and Cloud Computing markets. Our Double-Take®, MIMIX® and iTERA™ brands enable organizations from SMB to enterprise to affordably and efficiently protect data, systems and applications with products that have been trusted for over 22 years.
Double-Take Availability :
Double-Take® Availability for Windows offers affordable data protection and enables immediate recovery from any system outage at the push of a button though a unified console. Continuous data replication over any distance ensures you always have access to a current copy of your data, applications and operating system. Double-Take Availability monitors changes to all protected files and replicates only the bytes that change. Resource-friendly technology allows you to replicate to any disaster recovery site, over standard IP networks, for maximum protection against data loss. Choose between application-level or full-server fail over to configure an alternate system to take over for the production server in the event of an outage. Double-Take Availability protects Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint® and more.

Key features

- The most comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery for physical and virtual servers on Windows
- Real-time application and data protection
- Use existing hardware, software and network -Full server protection and fail over -Fail over executed in minutes, not hours, and supports dissimilar hardware
- Managed from a single unified console
- Supports MS Exchange, SQL Server (including SQL 2012), Oracle, SharePoint, Blackberry® Enterprise Server and more
- Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service integration allows you to schedule and recover from up to 64 point-in-time copies of data on your physical or virtual target
- No distance limits for backup server
- Near-zero data loss
- Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 R2 certified