IT Security Solutions :
As the Network is the main backbone of all information transactions, we pay more attention to help our customers to keep their information and their network as secure as possible, in all layers. With our selective security vendors (Cisco, NETASQ, Symantec, Kaspersky, Web Titan, and Spam Titan). We can build a secure infrastructure that taking into consideration those layers of security.

Perimeter security: securing inbound and out bound network traffic to the customer network.

End point Security: securing users' desktops against attacks , viruses , data theft

Mail Security: securing mail traffic against SPAMs , viruses , malicious codes , and Dos attacks

Internet Access Security : control users access to internet , and assure a secure internet contents to be delivered to the end users

Remote Access security : build a secure remote access solutions to allow users to work anywhere through Internet with a secure manner.