Acronis :
A unified platform for backup, disaster recovery and data protection for heterogeneous Windows and Linux environments. Get support for cloud backup, multiple hypervisors, flexible migration, and more.
Acronis Backup & Recovery :
Acronis Backup & Recovery Advanced Platform is a unified solution for data and application databases backup, disaster recovery and migration in all environments.

Key Features

- Backup : Ensures your files and applications databases are never lost.

- Disaster Recovery : Recover entire servers quickly to the same or dissimilar hardware .

- Migration :Move servers between physical, virtual and cloud easily .

- So easy : Install and configure backup in minutes – then forget about it .

- So flexible :With one unified solution, you can pick and choose the components you need now, and add more as your needs grow.

- So universal :The same solution enables both backup and disaster recovery for Windows and Linux machines, files and applications databases, across physical, virtual and cloud environments .

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